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Christopher Licata

Chris has been a CPA for 35 years and a registered representative for 24 years.

Over that period of time, he has experienced the volatility and roller coaster of numerous rises and crashes, and he has worked closely with clients to navigate financial dangers while staying on the path to financial independence. While markets generally rise over long periods of time, month to month and year to year volatility in stock and bond funds can cause great anxiety to people looking to earn good long terms rates of return on their wealth.

Chris’s process to wealth preservation and asset growth is to start with a deep risk assessment and an analysis and discussion of a client’s long term financial goals. There are many financial products that offer competitive long term returns with lower than normal market volatility.

Wealth is a means to an end. The end is confidence, calmness in the face of volatile markets and an overall better quality of life. Trading, gambling, high risk and roller coaster investing is for people who do not value the importance of financial stability and investing with long term financial goals as the ultimate priority.

Chris strongly believes he can help clients achieve their long term financial goals and also achieve a better quality of life by investing with a different process. Today’s volatile markets demand it!

Chris was a 1986 cum laude graduate of Georgetown University. Chris believes in family, character, thoughtfulness and a good sense of humor.

When not working, Chris can be found on the golf course.