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Investment Management

What Is Investment Management?

Investment management refers to the process of handling assets and investments by creating a strategy for acquiring and selling portfolio holdings. Holdings are typically held within an investment portfolio and managed by a financial consultant. Other tasks under the investment management umbrella include banking, tax services, and budgeting. 

Steps To Successful Investment Management

Successful investment management requires more than buying and selling investments. Follow these steps to help you get started. 

    • Prepare yourself for a journey: A successful investment strategy cannot be devised and executed in a short time. It takes time to understand the market and for your investments to grow. Defining your investment goals early on will inform the process and how long it may take to see a return on your investments.  

    • Get to know the market: Successful investment management requires research and knowledge of certain key concepts. While your financial consultant is trained to know the ins and outs of the market, you should familiarize yourself with basic concepts. You should understand terms such as portfolio optimization, market efficiency, and diversification.

    • A financial consultant can personalize an investment management strategy based on your assets, age, goals, and market knowledge. 

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